Florals Comeback! July 09 2014

Florals are making a comeback.

The pattern is ideal for introducing a vintage influence into your modern lifestyle, and by opting for chunky flower designs with lots of vibrant colour you can keep this theme looking contemporary.

The floral design is the perfect choice for buying a one off piece that will complement your existing dinner set, especially if you prefer plain white or understated colours. This look can be created subtly by choosing a cake stand or teapot as a statement item for your dinner parties and gatherings.

Contrasting splashes of pinks, purples, and yellows with paler base colours creates a chic look for the finished product, while mixing larger floral items such as jugs and platters with block colour mugs and plates is a good way of adopting the look and preventing the pattern from being too overbearing.

Flowery designs don’t have to be restricted to your table top; you can also introduce this look into your kitchen and living room. Patterned storage jars allow you to introduce a hint of floral influence into your workspace, while smaller items such as coasters add a touch of this design to any room in your house.

The floral look is very versatile, and is the perfect choice for afternoon tea, or as your everyday dinner set.

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By Claire Stevens, ITTC UK, 09/07/2014