Radial February 27 2015

The latest collection launched in Debenhams stores is the John Rocha design range called Radial. This collection is a complete white dinnerware set which has a textured design element, making the pieces unique from any other white table top products on the market.

Radial refrains from using colour or pattern as a design feature and instead makes an impression with a textured surface in the ceramic that results in raised ridges on the outer edges.

The ribbed surface of the exterior is created from a special mould for the clay, but the irregularity of these lines creates the illusion that it’s a handmade product, and by choosing to use a soft matte glaze on the stoneware body the textured effect is intensified even more.

The matte surface of the exterior of the products is contrasted with a glossy inner, which adds depth to the pieces as these different glazes create two diverse sides to each individual product.

The collection is available as a complete dinnerware set, covering all the essential aspects in your home. These basic items are then complemented with some accessory pieces to really complete the set; so you can buy Radial as a teapot, cup and saucer, creamer, and serve bowl as well.

Additional and more subtle design elements of the range work together with the quirky pattern to make this a really contemporary collection. The unusual shapes of the mug and the creamer being designed without a handle all work towards creating a range that is modern, up-to-date, and perfect for any season.

Not only does the range appeal in appearance; the pieces are also of really high quality and functionality, with official dishwasher test results showing that even after two years’ worth of use the range demonstrates no deterioration. This proven longevity is a great selling feature as it’s made to withstand a lot of use; perfect for a busy household.

Based on other tests Radial also has a high thermal shock rating, meaning the range is good at coping with larger temperature changes.

This John Rocha range is all about texture, and doesn’t need colour or pattern to make it exciting. This neutrality also makes the range diverse, as the pieces are able to sit alongside any other colour or pattern in your home.

By Claire Stevens, ITTC UK, 27/02/2015