Bringing back the 80's February 19 2015

Give your dinner set a new lease of life with the dining accessory range just launched by John Lewis.
The bright colours of this range have been applied to the existing House shapes, which is one of the core dining ranges sold by John Lewis retailers. The original House collection has been in stores for many years and has undergone several extensions to the main pieces, with the Studio line being the latest addition.
The design is built up of four bold colours which are all interlinked; this allows all pieces in the range to be mixed and matched. The banding design on the bowls, side plates, and mugs allows the pieces to sit together and form a continuous pattern through the overlapping colour scheme.
The theme of House Studio is reminiscent of the 1980s era, and while the pieces create a retro look this is still massively on trend and current. The block print decals applied to the bowls, plates, mugs, and large serving bowl create a unique feature as the linear pattern and banding means no two pieces cannot sit together. 
The large serving bowl is also an interesting selling point in itself, as because of the size it can be used for different purposes, potentially becoming a statement piece such as a fruit bowl so it can be a feature in your home.  
The range is not a complete dinner set; instead the collection has been designed to revamp your existing pieces and accessorise your dining table. It’s a design which is daring but still maintains longevity from the fact it’s applied to the House shapes, as this is a long-standing collection in John Lewis.
Results from official tests show that the House Studio items have a thermal shock rating of 210°C, meaning that the porcelain body is extremely strong; withstanding high extremes of temperature and rapid changes from hot to cold.
The pieces are also vitrified which hugely reduces the water absorption levels of the body, so it’s beneficial for when the product is microwaved as the handles on the mugs won’t become as hot. From other official tests the range has also demonstrated a high edge chip rating of five times the minimum standard.
So inject your home with some colour this season with the House Studio collection; perfect for the daring and eccentric who want to give their table top a revamp.
By Claire Stevens, ITTC UK, 19/02/2015