Indigo Collection - AW14 Trends October 22 2014

The new Indigo serve ware range was launched in Sainsbury’s stores just weeks ago, making this the perfect time to get on trend with the textured and Aztec style that is taking the autumn/winter season by storm.

It has been designed for accessorising and dressing up your everyday dinnerware set, with pieces ideal for serving, hosting, and entertaining.

The collection is really on trend for this season as it combines the popular textured ceramic theme with Aztec and oriental inspired patterns.

Indigo has a glazed finish on the white ceramic body, with the predominant colour of the range being a deep navy blue which is produced by using cobalt in the decal. 

Despite the range being built on only two colours, the diversity of the patterns creates individuality for every single item, with foreign influences prominent in the designs.


It may be comprised of contrasting patterns, but the collection maintains unanimity through the consistent use of colour and texture found on every piece.

The smooth shapes of the products are contrasted with these designs, which makes for eye catching results; the decal of the serving platter in particular creating optical illusions.    

These products have been designed to complement your existing pieces and are purposely created for serving, making them the perfect additions to your practical everyday dinner set.

The collection contains a serving platter, serving bowl, large jug, tea plates, pasta bowl, and nibble bowls; perfect for treating your guests during the upcoming Christmas season.

The range comes from Indonesia and is made from an extremely strong and durable stoneware body, with an absorption rate of only 0.02% - the same as bone china yet it remains extremely inexpensive!

The textured surface of these products is created from an on-glaze decal; the result being a tactile surface that is raised and dimpled to the touch.

Overall the Indigo collection looks expensive and exotic, as though direct from the Far East. The authenticity of this range gives the impression you’ve travelled far and wide to bring these pieces back home, when in fact they can be sourced from your local Sainsbury’s store.