Luna tableware at John Lewis October 31 2014

If you’re looking to introduce some elegance and sophistication to your dining table, then the Luna range from John Lewis has the ideal combination of simple design and refined shape perfect for achieving this style. 
The Luna collection is a white wear range which gets its design feature from an in-glaze linear decoration created from a pattern in the mould. 
The collection has a simple design making it understated and classy, yet it’s still detailed enough to stand out from all other plain white dinner sets. 
Not only is the range aesthetically pleasing, it’s also extremely durable and strong, but still maintains a thin and light ceramic body – perfect for piling on that extra bit of food! 
The pieces are covered in a transparent glaze which showcases the colour of the white ceramic body underneath. This creates a product with a soft tone that is easily complemented by any other colour or pattern.
Luna is detailed enough to stand alone on your table top, but at the same time is understated enough to be versatile and complement other designs, so you can add statement pieces to vary your style and theme.
The fully-functional collection is dishwasher and microwave safe, and covers all aspects of the kitchen and dining room; from a basic dinner plate to an elegant cake stand. 
Luna is available in a wide range of merchandise, so you can deck out your home with matching products that serve all purposes; ranging from storage jars and jugs to serving bowls and salt and pepper pots. 
John Lewis will soon be launching additions to the Luna range, so you can expand on your collection even further and find more products to serve the many everyday purposes in your home. 
With the extra pieces coming into stores it’s the best time to expand if Luna already features in your home, or you can make the investment and start off your collection. 
Luna has been in stores for four years and this longevity means that you can always replace and expand, so it’s not just a one hit wonder. It’s the ideal dinnerware range for every occasion, and fits in to every style home. 
This simple range is perfect for freshening up your table in time for Christmas, but is a long term investment that will last for many more after.
By Claire Stevens, ITTC UK, 31/10/2014