Add some Colour to your Baking! November 30 2014

The Colourful Kitchen range recently launched by Marks and Spencer means the most important part of baking is no longer the cake, it’s all about what you use to make it!

So don’t continue to use boring metal cake tins and wooden rolling pins that look better shoved to the back of the cupboard - instead you can now use these beautiful hand painted and hand-finished ceramic products that will instantly brighten up your baking.

Perfect for either an avid baker or for just a novice endeavour; the Colourful Kitchen products are extremely durable and have a high rate for withstanding really high temperatures, which is extremely important for oven wear.

The range covers all of your baking needs; there’s a heart roaster/cake tray, muffin tray, butter dish, measuring spoons, measuring cups, and a rolling pin.

These vintage style pieces are definitely too pretty to simply sit in the cutlery drawer, so make a feature out of the product and really brighten up the room or use them to serve your delicious homemade treats.

These items are also great gift ideas which is perfect during the run up to Christmas, but the retro trend keeps it current for all year round.

The main focal point of these pieces is the bright colour used throughout; red, pinks, yellows and greens are hand painted onto the stoneware body and then finished with a hand applied glaze.

So make a feature out of your baking utensils as well as the finished product with these unusual and vibrant pieces that also offer longevity through much use.

The Colourful Kitchen range is both decorative and functional; the perfect recipe for all bakers.

By Claire Stevens, ITTC UK, 30/11/2014