Go Country Kitchen for Christmas!! December 11 2014

Create a country kitchen in your home no matter where you are with the Polly’s Pantry range from John Lewis.
The Polly’s Pantry design is a modern twist on traditional tea ware as it showcases a contemporary depiction of vintage ceramics.
The cream body of the stoneware is complemented by pastel pink and blue colours to create an antique and rustic feel, with hand painted chicken and floral designs included to create an elegant kitsch style.
But despite the range showcasing this distinctive feature, the overall look of Polly’s Pantry remains fairly neutral, so it’s perfect for complementing other dinnerware sets or colour schemes as well.
The collection allows you to choose as many Polly’s Pantry pieces to suit you; from statement items such as cake stands and egg cups, right through to the basics like dinner and side plates.The pattern on this range is all hand painted at a specialist factory, including the chicken design found on a range of mix and match products which were developed as additions to the range.
The hand paint has subtle detailing with thin rims, pretty pictures, and polka dots that all result in cute and sweet ceramic products, perfect for Christmas gifts.
The range is available in a wide array of products that serve all purposes in the home, meaning you can build your collection over time and make a feature of the pretty pattern by dressing up your kitchen and table with pieces such as storage jars, utensil pots, butter dishes, and toast racks.
Polly’s Pantry has been in John Lewis stores for a long time, so this longevity means when you buy the products you’re making an investment as they can always be replaced if they get broken or your wish to expand on your collection over time.
The stoneware body of this range is extremely robust, so it’s suitable for either everyday use or those special occasions such as tea parties or lunch dates.
Overall the Polly’s Pantry collection is perfect for giving your kitchen and dining room a warm and cosy feeling – perfect for the chilly winter months.  
By Claire Stevens, ITTC UK, 11/12/2014