Pretty Florals for your table! January 08 2015

Shake off the winter blues this New Year with the St Germain dinnerware range launched by Marks & Spencer.
This latest collection sprang into stores this January and is the perfect way to get your home ready for the upcoming spring season.
The range boasts a pretty floral design which is complemented by pastel pinks, purples, and blues. The elegance of this dinner set is twofold; it’s achieved by the sophisticated pattern and also the coupe shape of the products, with smooth surfaces accentuating the softness of the pink floral decal.
Not only does the smooth coupe shape improve the aesthetics of the St Germain products, but it also increases functionality as there is more space on the surface of the plates.
St Germain is a colourful, light, and uplifting dinner set which offers practicality and style at your dining table, and is perfectly suited to a wide age bracket.
As well as having a pretty dinner set, the fact that this collection is made in one of the world’s leading bone china factories located in Indonesia means you’ll also be purchasing an extremely high quality and durable product.
Based on official tests carried out on this range the results show that the products have good impact resistance and a high thermal shock endurance rating, meaning it won’t crack easily when exposed to extremely high temperatures.
The overall look of the St Germain collection really reinstates that this is a well thought-out range, with each individual piece complementing another. The St Germain products also utilise unique design features with decal patterns on the inner side and outer sides and contrasting colours for the dinner and side plates, so the collection as a whole looks classic but is still contemporary.
So bring spring to your table top a little earlier this year and warm up your home with the first signs of a new season.
By Claire Stevens, ITTC UK, 08/01/2015