When contemporary meets classic January 14 2015

Sainsbury’s supermarket has just launched their new dinnerware range Kitchen Whites, offering you a more exciting alternative to a plain white dinner set.
Kitchen Whites is the perfect collection for forming the base of your table top, as it’s extremely diverse and long lasting. The light grey and white two tone pattern makes the range accessible as it will complement any other colour schemes or patterns you have on your dining table.
The shape of the products is the distinguishing feature of this collection, as the design remains fairly neutral and understated. The chunky edges of the products instantly give the range a contemporary look, as the flat top rim of the pieces results in a more modern interpretation of the classic white dinner set.
The stoneware body of the pieces make this an extremely strong and long-lasting range, and despite the thick shapes the pieces still remain lightweight and refined.
Kitchen Whites also really stands out against other white dinner sets because of the light grey gloss covering the inner face of the products, which is then contrasted with a matte white on the outer; making for an unusual combination of texture.
The visual longevity of Kitchen Whites has also proved to be extremely good, as based on official dishwasher tests the appearance of the product was long lasting and durable, so it’s a set you can rely on to look great even after much use.
The range is available in the essential dining products; dinner plate, side plate, cereal bowl, and mug, with a few additional luxuries such as the dip bowl and pasta bowl available to really complete the look and serve all your dining needs.
The best-selling feature of this collection though is the neutrality of the design; the simple two tone pattern and understated colours means the range is not season or style sensitive. It’s perfect for any occasion at any time of year, so once you’ve invested in the range you can use it again and again.
It’s also excellently priced, so is affordable for everyone from young students to busy families.
So with supermarket prices and excellent quality, make the investment in a dinnerware set that you’ll never get tired of.
By Claire Stevens, ITTC UK, 14/01/2015