Oriental Tablescapes January 22 2015

Start getting your dining table ready for the upcoming spring season with the new Kyoto dinnerware range launched by Marks & Spencer.
The Kyoto range emanates themes of orient, and creates the look of a Far Eastern influence in your home. The stoneware body of the products make this a durable and tough dining set, yet the simple and refined shapes maintain elegance.
Although the collection displays definite inspiration from oriental style, the colour and pattern of the products still remain neutral enough to sit alongside any other colours or designs you have on your table top.
Overall the range is modern and contemporary, and well suited to those with a busy lifestyle who require products with longevity and strength.
Available in the essential dining items, the collection also stands out with the contrasting design of the side plate and mug next to the other products in the range, where the decal covers the entire face of the product instead of just the outer rim, thus creating an unusual effect when the products are laid out together.
The neutrality of the range allows it to be malleable with your current style, and can form the basis of a very interesting vibe on your dining table.
By opting for an irregular pattern for the textured on-glaze decal this gives the impression that Kyoto is a hand painted product, and when applying this to the lightweight and understated shape the range instantly becomes the perfect all-round dinner set.
And for proof that the set doesn’t but look good but is also excellent quality; results from official tests carried out on Kyoto showed that the range has low water absorption rates, made for withstanding lots of use in a busy household.
Kyoto cleverly manages to combine historic oriental design with modern shapes to create a contemporary twenty-first century dinner set that’s on-trend and perfect for any occasion.
By Claire Stevens, ITTC UK, 22/01/2015