Garden Tea Party with Avignon! January 28 2015

Marks & Spencer have just launched their latest dinnerware range Avignon, which is regal tea party perfect but still high-street affordable.
This collection is not an everyday basic dinnerware range; instead the unique design feature created by the scalloped edges and embossed dot pattern makes Avignon ideal for your more formal dining occasions.
The simple overall colour creates an understated and sophisticated look, and maintains neutrality so that the range is able to sit alongside other colours and patterns and fit in with your existing style.
The unique shapes of Avignon are covered in a classic white glaze that has been designed to have resistance to knife marking, meaning that you are purchasing a product which is extremely durable and of high quality yet still inexpensive.
Avignon is made as a full dinnerware range, serving all of your dining necessities but with additional items such as the pasta bowl and cup and saucer also available, so you can cover all aspects of being the perfect tea party host. 
The unique shape of Avignon is the real selling feature, as this heavily decorated design means there’s enough detail without adding any colour, allowing you to add more with your food and drink.
The stoneware body has been slip cast to create these interesting shapes, which contrast from piece to piece with variation on rounded and straight edges.
This elegant hand-finished range as a whole is comprised of unique pieces which sit together to create a dining set suited for the high society. 
By Claire Stevens, ITTC UK, 28/01/2015