Coastal for your table February 05 2015

The Coastal collection from John Lewis retailers is made from a bright white stoneware body which is combined with a hand-applied royal blue rim around the edge of the products, making an interesting feature of the range as this simple decoration was created to look like old-style tin enamelware.

Yet despite this retro design the Coastal range looks fresh and modern, bringing a contemporary but classic theme to your dining table. On the whole it’s a timeless range ideal for any occasion. 

This interesting take on ceramic is also complemented by the soft ripples in the side of the products, created from a special mould used for the clay. This adds an extra feature to the range which maintains sophistication but puts the collection in a different league to other plain white dinner sets in the market. The Coastal range will look anything but boring laid out on your dining table.


The subtle ripple effect is predominantly on the outer edge of the products in the range, but is reversed on the cups and bowls where the ripple is used on the inside of the pieces. This mix of pattern is again another understated but interesting design feature of the Coastal collection.

The pleasing aesthetics of Coastal is not the only selling feature of the range; it’s also designed with functionality in mind. The products don’t just look good but they also perform to an extremely high standard, with official tests showing the ceramic has a water absorption rate of 0.2% which is extremely low, while the handles on larger items such as the roasting tray are sturdy, durable, and made to a high standard.   

With ovenware, serve ware, and dinnerware all available in one collection, Coastal offers a diverse array of products which give you more options than just a regular dinner set. From necessities such as dinner plates and mugs, to additional extras such as egg cups and teapots, and right through to more robust products such as casserole dishes and roasting trays, these rustic pieces can adorn any kitchen or dining room and serve many household purposes.

The overall style of Coastal is reminiscent of the summer months, with a subtle nautical theme present in every piece of the collection. So if you’re ready to shake off the winter season and recreate the feel of the seaside, you won’t need to travel all that way as the perfect products are waiting in John Lewis.

By Claire Stevens, ITTC UK, 05/02/2015