Spring Vibes for your table February 12 2015

In anticipation for the change of season, get your table top ready by injecting some bright colours and on-trend floral designs with the Spring Meadow dining collection from Marks & Spencer.
The range is one of the longest standing ceramic collections in M&S stores, and even after retailing for over two years still remains an excellent seller.
Vibrant colours create a fresh spring feeling, bringing warmth to your dining table ready for the summer months. The lively floral design uses a full colour pallet to create the decal pattern, which not only makes it a pretty collection, but also one that is able to complement existing colours in your home. The diversity of colour in every piece means you can pick them out to set off your current style, so even with an extensive use of colour Spring Meadow will look good with anything.
Yet even with lots of vibrancy the range is still very elegant, with the super fine china body possessing a lot of strength but still being delicate in appearance and touch, and extremely light weight. Overall Spring Meadow is an extremely well-made range but is still affordable.
There are also other, more subtle design features of the collection which add to the colourful aesthetics of the design. The purple key line used on the rim of the plates and nibble bowl really make the colours stand out, and creates a more refined appearance.
The Spring Meadow range is available in the basic dining items with additional extras to extend the look; including a creamer, large jug, dip bowl, serving platter and cup and saucer.
The main dining items of the range which are made from fine china are vitrified, meaning they are fired to their optimum temperature so that porosity is eliminated. This prevents the products from absorbing water, so the body is at the peak of strength.
The accessory pieces of the range have a different body as they are made from stoneware, with the same floral pattern being hand painted on rather than applied by a decal, adding character to the products.
These additional items allow you to extend the floral theme further so you can make this your statement design and use these feature pieces at more formal occasions as well as for every day.
So shake off the dark winter nights and let M&S liven up your dining table this spring.
By Claire Stevens, ITTC UK, 12/02/2015